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Hi everyone and welcome to Synerdrive!

As you're taking valuable time to visit my website, I'd thought it'd be best to give you a little information about what I'm about, what Synerdrive is about and what we intend to do from now that is going to benefit you or someone who is considering driving tuition or development.

My name is Chris and for the time-being, I am the only instructor and owner of Synerdrive. Having a strong will for success on a personal level, I am equally as strong willed seeing other people achieve a goal. Synerdrive was derived from taking "Syner" from the word "Synergist", the message is to combine my strong will for success and the concerned individual's goal to achieve the objective together in a safe, fun and fulfilling learning environment that is tailored to the needs and likes of a potential customer.

To the individual concerned it is imperative they receive the most up to date and comprehensive tuition, delivered using the latest techniques and filtering out any obsolete and irrelevant information all with the use of modern technology.


Young driving school keen to demonstrate a fresh and modern urban-wise approach to safe, efficient and economical driving


You Will be taught by a fully qualified approved driving instructor


Our drivers all have a genuine passion for the motorcar

Pricing Options

All prices are carefully considered to remain competitive whilst factoring in the running costs such as fuel, wear and tear, road tax, insurance and the cost of tuition

Pay as You Use

Just like paying any other instructor, you pay for a lesson or a block of lessons and then pay again once they’re used up

  • 1 hour - £26
  • 1.5 hours - £38
  • 2 hours - £50

Monthly Plan

Like a direct debit or monthly bill. Pay a one off fee by cash, debit/credit card or bank transfer, on the first lesson after payday or on the 1st/15th if your payday isn’t on a consistent date.

  • 1 Hour Per week - £108
  • 1.5 Hours Per week - £156
  • 2 Hours Per week - £208

You are free to choose and change which payment plan you use as you wish. Terms and conditions apply

What We Offer

Driving lessons

Driving lessons for provisional licence holders of all ages

Refresher lessons

Refresher lessons for provisional licence and full licence holders

Fleet Assessment

For businesses that employ drivers for business purposes and wish to assess their competence behind the wheel


First you must have a green plastic photocard. This is your provisional licence. You can obtain this as early as 3 months prior to turning 17. Simply type in to your search engine “Apply for provisional driving licence” and follow the instructions carefully on the government website (www.gov.uk)

Fantastic, head to the contact us page and get in touch! We look forward to hearing from you

No, after passing their driving test many full licence holders can experience a period of time without driving. As a result confidence can be lost and therefore refresher lessons can be delivered in a safe environment with minimal stress.

Start studying for your theory test straight away! It is a frequent occurrence for learners to delay their theory test, this can cost you money further down your learner journey if you have to “tick over” on your lessons until you pass your theory and book your practical test. As soon as you have completed mock test and feel confident with your results book your theory test. Type in your search engine “Book theory test”, follow the instructions on the government website www.gov.uk, a fee will apply to book your test

You can download free/chargeable apps to your smartphone. Feel free to enquire about the ones we recommend!

If you are using your own car we strongly advise you go onto www.gov.uk and check your car meets the requirements as you could have your test refused. If you are not sure feel free to enquire! If you are happy to use a school car then make sure you speak to your instructor before booking your test as they may not be available. Remember! You will need to pay the instructor a fee to use their car as well as paying for your driving test.

A warm friendly greeting! As well as this you will be introduced to the car and the controls, we will ask a series of questions to determine a benchmark and go from there.

This is completely dependent on numerous factors;

You – Are you a confident or a nervous person? Nervous learners will take more time to become independent at some topics compared to more confident learners.

Lesson duration – Depending on where you live can have an effect on the travel time to the lesson ground. Whilst every effort is made to maximise your time behind the wheel, safety is a priority when it comes to what level of ability you have compared to the hazards at the chosen lesson ground. I.e. If you haven’t been on roundabouts before, would you prefer to travel five minutes and start on a massive roundabout or travel ten minutes to a quiet one?

Frequency of lessons – Some learners can feel a little rusty having one session a week. Two lessons a week can have a greater impact on the learning process as it would be “fresh” in the mind

Personal life – If you have a hectic and busy lifestyle you’re more likely to be fatigued and therefore concentration levels are lower thus slowing down the ability to absorb information

Yes! Once you feel confident, take a family member out to accompany you and practice what you have been learning in your lessons. This will help save time and money. Just make sure they are over the age of 21 AND have held their licence for 3 years or more. The car you use must have L plates clearly displayed on the front and back as well as being taxed and insured to have you driving it. Feel free to enquire or visit www.gov.uk for more information.

Head to the contacts page and get in touch! Send us the days and times you think you would be available on a weekly basis and we’ll be sure to contact you within 48hours

Success Stories

team member
Passed 1st time

I'll always be indebted to Chris for his patience and enthusiasm as my instructor. No questions ever felt stupid, and his encouragement meant that I never felt failure would be an issue. Now I am my own chauffer as a happy and confident driver, and that's mostly down to Chris! I'd trust him to get anyone driving.

team member
Passed 1st time

Over the past year i feel i have achieved well, with good passes in my A-levels and securing my place at university. However, commuting to and from work and study is important and therefore gaining my driving licence was something missing for me in the past year. Passing my test has opened up new doors for me currently and in terms of employment prospects beyond university. This wouldn't have been possible without excellent tuition and support from Chris, both during lessons and on test day. I can highly recommend lessons with synerdrive to get the most out of your driving! I'd like to thank Chris and wish him the best of luck with his new enterprise and every success in the future.

team member
Ewan McLean
Passed 1st time

I passed first time with Chris with just three minors (which he'd predicted!) I found the lessons very relaxed and perfectly suited to me. I've since bought my own car and feel happy and confident when I'm driving now! Cheers Chris! Heres one testimony from Ewan McLean

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